Improve productivity with SAS Analytics Pro – all the data analysis tools you need in one package. And get additional capabilities with SAS Analytics Pro Advanced Programming.

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SAS Analytics Pro & SAS Analytics Pro Advanced Programming

Get easy-to-use, yet powerful capabilities for accessing, manipulating, analyzing and presenting information – for cloud and on-site deployment. Plus available advanced statistical techniques.

Key features

Intuitive, fourth-generation programming language

Highly flexible, extensible 4GL with easy-to-learn syntax includes hundreds of language elements and functions that support programming – from data extraction, formatting and cleansing to data analysis, reporting and information storage.

Advanced statistical analysis with powerful SAS Analytics

Provides a wide range of statistical methods – including geolocation analysis with built-in mapping capabilities – that are updated frequently to reflect the latest methodologies.

Prebuilt library of ready-to-use procedures in a web-based environment

Streamlines programming, analysis and reporting – and improves programmer productivity and efficiency – by delivering significant functionality executed with a few simple commands.

Data visualization, presentation & delivery

Enables visual presentation of ideas and findings using a wide variety of business maps, charts, plots and 3-D relationship graphs.

Easy, cloud-based access to advanced statistical analysis & reporting

Provides instant access to powerful statistical analysis and reporting applications, delivered in a container for easy deployment in the cloud and on-site, to quickly turn your models into business value. Now with faster than ever installation for desktop users.

Advanced programming features for statisticians

SAS Analytics Pro Advanced Programming offers a wide range of additional advanced statistical techniques for assessing quality, processing time-series data, and developing linear and non-linear optimization.

What's included?

SAS Analytics Pro

Get advanced statistical analysis and reporting capabilities – along with high-impact visuals – in one package that includes:

SAS Analytics Pro Advanced Programming

Get all the features of SAS Analytics Pro – plus advanced programming features – in one package that includes:

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