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SAS Viya with SingleStore

Partner Innovation

Read how SAS Viya and SingleStore are delivering next generation data and analytics.

SAS Viya

SAS Viya

Discover how SAS just reinvented analytics. Again.

Predict and plan for holiday shopping


Discover why it's not too late to predict and plan for retail shopping demands.

The SAS Viya Advantage

Confident decisions, maximum value, faster outcomes and open integration.

The data that flows through your business has a unique story to tell. And that story is constantly changing. With our fully integrated, open source, cloud-native technology platform, you can understand what’s happening now, predict how to pivot seamlessly, and drive your own progress. Whether you're a data scientist, business analyst, statistician or forecaster, you'll discover the real power of SAS® to explore, analyze and visualize data.

Modernize with your cloud provider of choice for faster, secure access to your data.

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Dompre accelerates predictive medicine efforts


Read about how Italian biopharmaceutical company Dompé accelerates predictive medicine efforts. 

Forecast study for Banking in 2035


Read the forecast for Banking in 2035: Overwhelming sense of obligation toward more socially responsible business practices.

SAS is a leader in three fraud detection reports


See why SAS was named a ‘Luminary’ in three 2022 Celent insurance fraud detection solutions reports.

SAS and Data Ethics


Understand the growing importance of ethical, equitable and trustworthy analytics.

SAS improves Georgia-Pacific supply chain


Explore why Georgia-Pacific relies on SAS® Viya® to optimize the supply chain with analytics and IoT.

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