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April 16-19, 2024

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SAS® Viya® Data and AI Platform

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Find the quickest way from a billion points of data to a point of view – with SAS Viya.

When everything is data, SAS Viya helps you discover what matters most. Our end-to-end platform fulfills the promise of trusted AI, while providing unmatched speed and productivity.

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Try SAS Viya for free

Test drive SAS Viya across the analytics life cycle – data to decisions.

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SAS Viya capabilities

Get everything you need in one fully integrated data and AI and platform.

The SAS Viya Advantage

Where time is money, Viya saves you both.

With our data and AI platform, you can understand what’s happening with your data now, predict how to pivot seamlessly, and make progress faster. Regardless of role, everyone in your organization will feel the impact of increased performance and productivity.

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SAS Viya in the Cloud

Flexible cloud strategies. Choose the one that's right for you. 

Use SAS Viya however you want, wherever you want. SAS managed. Self-managed. Cloud-native. Cloud-agnostic. With versatile partner options. For the most cost-effective, secure and collaborative environment to innovate.

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