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Answers are everywhere.

Curious about how your industry can benefit from analytics? See how you can find answers by asking your data.

Answers are everywhere.

Curious about how your industry can benefit from analytics? See how you can find answers by asking your data.

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Forbes recognizes SAS as one of America’s Best Employers for Women


SAS charts path to IPO-readiness


Protecting citizens by predicting and managing flood events

When curiosity meets innovation, the world around us moves forward.

The unseen victims of climate change: girls and their futures.

Malala Fund, a global nonprofit organization working toward a world where every girl can learn and lead, wants leaders and policy experts around the world to recognize the impact climate change is having on girls’ education.

Together, SAS and Malala Fund developed Girls Education and Climate Challenges Index predictor. Learn how we can intercede on behalf of young girls.

Decoding the dance: Peek inside a bee’s hive with computer vision.

Honeybees perform a fascinating dance in a figure-eight pattern inside their hive. Their movements communicate the location of nectar sources to the rest of the colony. The speed and direction of the dance movements convey what direction to fly, how far to fly and how rich the food source is.

Computer vision and real-time analysis of an entire hive full of bees helps scientists further decode these dance patterns for the greater good.

Special Olympics: Where innovation and inclusion team up.

Analytics proved essential in helping organizers coordinate the activities of 7,500 athletes, 3,000 coaches and 21,000 volunteers. SAS AI solutions were used to streamline health data and predict where issues might occur. This allowed organizers to strategically position health personnel and equipment for quick response times in aided athletes.

What if people could stop deforestation in the Amazon from their couch?

That’s what IIASA hoped to find out by pairing people with artificial intelligence and satellite images to crowdsource the fight against the incremental damage being done to one of the world’s most precious and critical resources.

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