Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Ethics in AI: Building Responsible AI Systems

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About the webinar

Advances in AI are quickly transforming the analytics landscape and reshaping its future.

As companies continue to adopt AI into their analytics technology, it is vital that they implement responsible practices to develop safeguards and manage risks.

Building robust systems of oversight at every step of the analytics journey is essential to successfully realize the benefits of AI.

In this webinar, we will look at the current AI landscape and examine the evolving nature of responsible AI practices.

We will uncover how to build and maintain responsible AI systems by embedding three trustworthy AI principles.

You will leave with examples of successful implementation of these principles and an understanding of mitigation strategies to ensure that responsible AI safeguards are taking shape in your systems.

You will:

  • Discover how responsible innovation is shaping the AI landscape.
  • Understand how the trustworthy AI principles of inclusivity, transparency and security are taking shape in data exploration.
  • Learn mitigation strategies to successfully implement responsible practices in your AI systems.

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About the Experts

Speaker 1

Preeti Shivpuri
Executive Director - Data & AI Strategy, Deloitte Canada

Preeti Shivpuri leads Trustworthy AI and Ethics within Deloitte, helping organizations to operationalize and scale AI solutions responsibly with the right balance of innovation versus controls. She helps organizations effectively manage data and information assets to generate insights, drive growth and operational efficiency, while meeting evolving regulatory demands. She advises clients on execution strategies and sound data and AI governance, enabling them to realize benefits aligned to their business goals throughout their data insights journey.

Speaker 1

Damian McLoughlin
Director – AI & Data, Deloitte UK

Damian McLoughlin leads the Deloitte SAS Practice at Deloitte UK and possesses more than 14 years of SAS experience. McLoughlin’s core focus areas include program delivery, data management and visualization to meet the needs of strategic clients across industries. He is responsible for the strategic alliance with SAS in the UK and is a leader in Deloitte’s Global SAS CoE, ensuring that appropriate SAS expertise is deployed on client engagements and acting as the bridge between industry and domain experts across SAS and Deloitte.