On-Demand Webinar

Determining the FATE of AI

Join us as we explore ways to consider AI fairness, accountability, transparency and ethics (FATE) and how to address these issues as you grow your AI strategy.


About the webinar

What will be the fate of AI? Despite its amazing potential, both experts and the public have concerns about possible negative repercussions.

Yet, while discussions of FATE (fairness, accountability, transparency and ethics) make headline news, the definition and relationship between these concepts is not always clear.

Using practical examples, this webinar will:

  • Define the relationship between ethical concepts, privacy and trust.
  • Explore tough questions such as: Is bias ever ethical? Is known intent required for consent? Is explaining a decision enough?
  • Highlight emerging organizational and programmatic approaches to address these issues in AI.

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About the Expert

Kimberly Nevala, Strategic Adviser, SAS

Kimberly Nevala helps customers balance forward-thinking strategies with real-world perspectives on business analytics, data governance, analytic culture and change management. Her current focus is helping customers understand both the business potential and practical limitations of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Prior to SAS, Nevala was a Principal Consultant for Baseline Consulting Group, a premier management consultancy specializing in business and data strategy. A popular speaker and author, Nevala has published numerous e-books and white papers.