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Look Who's Working Smarter With SAS® Viya®

Predicting maintenance issues & minimizing downtime

Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks are using SAS to predict maintenance issues and minimize downtime by applying advanced analytics and AI to sensor data.

Ensuring mental health patient safety during a global pandemic

Copenhagen Regional Psychiatric Centers are using SAS to limit the risk of contagion among mental health patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Revolutionizing marketing campaigns with AI

Alliant is using AI technology from SAS to dramatically improve productivity and model efficiency, with with 85% faster processing times.

Curbing traffic accidents & saving lives with machine learning

SAS is helping the Road Safety Commission of Western Australia improve road safety in Western Australia. The solution enabled the rapid prototyping of a machine learning model to produce a probability of KSI crashes, which offers better insight for devising safety measures.

The Analytics Life Cycle

SAS Viya takes you through every step of your analytics journey throughout the analytics life cycle – helping you make the most of your technology and talent investments.

SAS® Viya® Offerings

For Business Users & Analysts

SAS® Visual Analytics

Visually explore data to discover new patterns and create and share smart visualizations and interactive reports – all with a single, self-service interface. Gain insights and find stories hidden in your data using augmented analytics and advanced capabilities.

For Data Scientists, Statisticians & Business Analysts

SAS® Visual Statistics

Put better models into action faster with interactive data exploration and discovery for multiple users. Easily create and refine huge numbers of predictive models on the fly to ask more questions – and get more results.

For Data Scientists & Statisticians

SAS® Visual Machine Learning

Expand the breadth of your analytics with embedded machine learning and deep learning capabilities accessible across your organization from a single location.

For Business Users & Data Scientists

SAS® Visual Data Science

Take your data science capabilities to the next level with more expansive modeling capabilities that add text analytics, forecasting, optimization and econometrics to your environment.

For Data Scientists

SAS® Data Science Programming

Get the ultimate analytics experience with access to all SAS Viya analytic capabilities, plus the power to incorporate analytics into real-time ​interactions and event-based abilities.

For Data Scientists

SAS® Visual Data Science Decisioning

Support decisioning by creating, embedding and governing analytically driven decision flows at scale in real time or batch. Deploy analytics and decisions in stream to gain insights and take action at the edge.

For Data Scientists

SAS® Analytics Pro

Deploy a docker container on a desktop to access data from many sources, analyze and present easily understandable information and distribute findings in a variety of formats.


Capability Comparison

SAS Viya enables the entire analytics life cycle with capabilities that span every step of your rigorous DataOps and ModelOps processes. Choose the offering that fits your needs.

Cloud Providers

Conquer all your analytics challenges – from experimental to mission critical – with faster decisions in the cloud. The latest release of SAS Viya is now available on these cloud providers.

SAS Cloud

Running the latest version of SAS Viya natively on Microsoft Azure, the SAS Cloud manages your entire analytics platform for optimal performance and value.


Microsoft is our strategic partner and preferred cloud provider. With deep integration and a shared road map, SAS and Microsoft are shaping the future of AI and analytics in the cloud.


Designed to be cloud-native, SAS Viya is tested and approved to leverage the same cloud services used by millions of AWS users.


With a commitment to innovation and open-source cloud principles, SAS Viya brings native AI and advanced analytics to Google Cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift

SAS Viya is bringing the latest DataOps, AI and ModelOps capabilities to Red Hat OpenShift – the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, built for your open, hybrid cloud strategy.​

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