The quickest way from a billion points of data to a point of view

“Performance, productivity, trust – the trifecta of undeniable AI platform value.” — Bryan Harris, Chief Technology Officer, SAS

Outpace tomorrow with SAS® Viya®

The future of technology is always only a moment away. So making sure our customers stay up to speed – and even ahead of the game – means that we’re never standing still. See what’s new in the ever-evolving world of Viya.

Hear from SAS data scientist Marinela Profi on why there’s never been a better time in history to be a developer, thanks to AI.

Faster and smarter. With SAS Viya, you’ll get more done.

Discover the end-to-end platform that not only fulfills the promise of AI, but also brings you the speed and productivity you never imagined possible.

  • Viya Manage Data Illustration

    Don't get done in by data prep

    • Access data, regardless of size or complexity
    • Cleanse and transform data using intuitive interfaces
    • Craft robust data pipelines
    • Build trust in data through lineage and transparency
  • Viya Model Dev Illustration

    Rapidly build highly performant models

    Multiple approaches lead you to the optimal solution fast.

    • Quick-start model recommendation
    • Transparent model tuning
    • Constantly identify the most effective models
  • Viya Deploy Illustration

    Manage models with ease

    Your analytics and AI are over the finish line — and still full speed ahead.

    • Deploy robust decision flows
    • Automate performance monitoring
    • Tune for peak performance
    • Retrain models for fast iteration
  • Viya End to End Illustration

    Make decisions you trust

    Turn results into undeniable value you can trust and verify at any scale.

    Proven performance like never before

    When you learn faster, you see opportunities before your competitors. SAS Viya is designed so that you’ll gain more value from your data and AI investment.


    Gains in speed and productivity with SAS Viya take your models out of the sandbox and into production faster than other solutions.


    SAS Viya scales at the pace of AI. You won’t sacrifice performance or need to provision new hardware to run your models as your projects become more complex.


    SAS Viya’s optimal performance throughout the data and AI Analytics lifecycle can reduce cloud operating costs by as much as 86% compared with alternatives.

    faster than open source
    and commercial offerings

    SAS Viya was the only platform tested to continue scaling and producing results in minutes, where alternatives ran for hours or simply failed." The Futurum Group
    The most innovative part is the automated machine learning. No other tool has provided us with this capability; we simply turn it on and let the analytical models do the work." Johanna Makkonen Senior Analyst, S-Bank Finland
    If a path seems interesting, SAS Viya makes it possible to drill down into the data quite simply with a mouse click." Dr. Thilo Eichenberg Data Scientist, Techniker Krankenkasse
    The speed is incredible for this volume of data. SAS helps Alliant deliver models in a quarter of the time of traditional workflows and shorten processing times by 85%." Malcolm Houtz Vice President of Data Science, Alliant

    Deliver better decisions from data

    Manage, model and deploy – all in one solution.

    Regardless of the size of your data or the size of your imagination, SAS Viya’s performance delivers

    Responsible AI across data & AI life cycle

    Avoid bias and ensure fairness with data privacy, data quality and model interpretability.

    Proven AI to unlock best possibilities

    Solve any problem with multiple sets of AI capabilities in data and analytics pipelines.

    Govern your data, models & decisions

    Ensure transparency and governance with decisioning, auditability and lineage.

    SAS is evolving its portfolio to meet wider user needs with innovative new offerings. [Their] efforts to unify AI across its portfolio and open-source languages will help address some of the critical challenges impeding organizations' ability to gain value from AI investments. Kathy Lange Research Director for AI Software at IDC

    Generating decisions through AI you know you can trust

    Trustworthy AI Infographic

    Responsible development of AI means ensuring that decisions made on behalf of people are explainable, transparent and fair.

    Our mission is to ensure that SAS Viya is the most comprehensive and trustworthy AI platform on the planet for data scientists and developers. From privacy preservation to bias mitigation to natural language explanation, we’re dedicated to helping users innovate responsibly.

    Something for everyone on your team

    Innovate faster with automation. Feel the flexibility of no-code and low-code UI. Get trusted results and avoid bias using built-in accountability tools. Elevate everyone in your organization on the data and AI platform that makes your code – and your shared workspace – more accessible and integrated than ever.