Ask the Expert Webinar Series

How can I Integrate SAS® and Open Source for Analytics and Machine Learning?

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About the webinar

SAS Viya provides many integration points with open source for data preparation, model development and model deployment for users in different roles along the analytics life cycle.

We will show you how, through a use case starting with raw data, you can use Viya and open source together to create and deploy superior models to drive your organizational goals.

You will learn about:

  • How Viya was designed to integrate with open source languages and packages to enable development and deployment of superior models for your organization.
  • The key integration points between Viya and open source.
  • How open source developers can take advantage of the massively parallel processing Cloud Analytics Services in-memory engine of Viya to speed model development against large data.


Welcome and agenda review
Accessing, exploring and preparing data using SAS Viya and open source
SAS trivia game and prizes
Developing superior models using SAS Viya and open source together
Summary and closing remarks

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About the Experts

Melodie Rush
Principal Systems Engineer, SAS

Melodie Rush is a Principal Data Scientist for the Customer Success Technical Team at SAS. She received both her BS in statistics and her master’s in science of management from North Carolina State University. Since joining SAS, Rush has developed presentations and methodology for doing many types of analysis, including data mining, machine learning, forecasting, data exploration and visualization, quality control and marketing. She has spent more than 20 years helping companies identify and solve problems in each of these analytical areas.

T Winand
Principal Presales Solutions Architect, SAS

William “T” Winand is a computer software professional and analyst with over 25 years’ experience in program design and development, data management, statistical analysis and reporting. Since 1995, Winand has focused his efforts on helping organizations achieve value and growth through the effective use of analytics: statistical analysis, descriptive and predictive data mining, text mining, forecasting and model management. Winand is a Senior Solutions Architect on the Global Customer Success Technical Team.

Peter Styliadis
Senior Technical Training Consultant, SAS

Peter Styliadis is on a team that focuses on course development and customer training in all aspects of the analytics life cycle. Currently, he spends his time processing, analyzing and visualizing data using a variety of tools and programming languages such as Base SAS, Python, Structured Query Language (SQL) and SAS Visual Analytics. He also dedicates a lot of time to programming in the massively parallel processing environment in SAS Viya using SAS, Python and the CAS language.