On-Demand Webinar

Analytics for Everyone: Finding the ‘80/20’ to Faster Time to Value

Learn how to accelerate and scale your organization’s problem-solving ability by empowering professional coders and noncoders alike.   

About the webinar

Many business, analytics and IT leaders upgrading their current analytics stack focus all their attention on data migration, cloud deployment, ecosystem governance and the ongoing data science talent shortage.

While important, those are merely the foundations of cloud analytics maturity. To accelerate time to value, your organization must condense collaboration cycles between data, analytics and the business problem.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to accelerate your analytics upgrade project’s time to value by empowering professional coders, reducing development delays and upskilling noncoders.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to proactively address your data scientist talent shortage.
  • Empower professional coders to focus on building and innovating versus lower value-added tasks like data scrubbing and alignment.
  • Empower noncoder business users to solve more of their business problems themselves.

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About the Experts

Jim Box
Principal Data Scientist, Health Care and Life Sciences Industry Solutions, SAS

Marcel Lemahieu
Advisory Business Solutions Manager, SAS France