Contracting with SAS

Simplified, easy to understand and always transparent.

SAS has simplified our customer contracts for flexibility and ease of use.

  • Install and use the software anywhere in the world – including on physical or virtual hardware, and public or private clouds.
  • Take advantage of non-production test, development or failover installations at no additional charge for most software licenses.
  • Use the software for the benefit of your related entities globally, by simply upgrading the license quantity to meet your needs.
  • All new purchases from SAS use the new contracts. But our long-term customers with existing licenses can benefit by migrating from their Master License Agreement and Supplements to our new contracts. Ask your SAS sales representative to learn more.

Watch the video to learn what to expect from a contract, and better understand your rights and responsibilities.

Purchasing under the new contracts is easier than ever.

Order Form

SAS provides you with a simple Order Form listing the products, fees and business terms. Accept the Order Form through DocuSign to move quickly through procurement.

Universal Terms

Order Forms link to our online Universal Terms and Addenda. Universal Terms apply to all offerings with the exception of standalone training points.


One or more offering Addenda will provide terms specific to the software, consulting services, hosted managed services or subscription services included in your order.