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10 Tips for Simulating Data With SAS®

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About the webinar

SAS software provides a multitude of options for data simulation from a variety of statistical models.

However, not all techniques are equally efficient, which can result in simulations that take a long time to run.

We’ll show you how to create simulation studies designed with speed in mind.

Join this webinar to learn 10 tips to write efficient simulations in SAS.

This webinar is for statistical programmers, and it is recommended that participants have the ability to write simulations of data from a statistical model.

You will learn:

  • How to simulate data from univariate distributions.
  • How to use the simulation to estimate the sampling distribution of a sample statistic.
  • Best practices to create efficient simulations and programming pitfalls to avoid.
  • How to simulate data from a regression model.

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About the Expert

Speaker 1

Rick Wicklin
Distinguished Researcher in Computational Statistics, SAS

Rick is the principal developer of the SAS/IML® matrix language. His areas of expertise include simulation, computational statistics and statistical graphics. Rick is the author of two books, including Simulating Data With SAS. He writes a popular blog about statistical programming in SAS. Rick frequently presents talks, tutorials and workshops at conferences.