On-Demand Webinar

Solving the Analytics Puzzle From BI to AI

Learn how you can put together a picture of analytics that enables you to uncover deeper insights and deliver more value.  


About the webinar

The intersection of AI and big data provides the ability to deliver increasingly targeted, timely, relevant insights in a pervasive and intuitive manner.

However, analytics and data are markedly more complicated than 10 years ago. And it’s hard to know how all the pieces fit together. This session will help you piece together the often complex – and growing – picture of analytics, from BI to AI.

Join us to learn:

  • Where and why discrete analytics capabilities from BI to AI come into play.
  • When AI is required and when a dashboard is enough.
  • Why effectively deploying analytics from BI to AI is an exercise in portfolio management.

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About the Expert

Kimberly Nevala, Strategic Advisor, SAS

Kimberly Nevala helps customers balance forward-thinking strategies with real-world perspectives on business analytics, data governance, analytic culture and change management. Her current focus is helping customers understand both the business potential and practical limitations of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Prior to SAS, Nevala was a Principal Consultant for Baseline Consulting Group, a premier management consultancy specializing in business and data strategy. A popular speaker and author, Nevala has published numerous e-books and white papers.