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Boosting Casino Revenue: Optimizing Player Reinvestment With AI-Driven Next Best Actions

Join us as we explore how gambling operations can maximize revenue with minimal marketing spending by using AI to analyze patron data

About the webinar

Effective marketing strategies require comprehensive, easy-to-implement and transparent decision-making processes to improve profitability.

Personalizing interactions with players is key to increasing engagement and spending.

AI and analytics are the differentiators for successful marketing efforts.

Profitable gambling operations today are realizing the importance of using player data to guide their marketing and operations investments.

This brief webinar is part of a series featuring SAS marketing and data science experts.

Join us to gain a better understanding of how casinos, cruise lines and hotels with gambling operations are working with SAS® technology to drive greater revenue with their marketing and operations budgets.

You will learn how:

  • Machine learning can help aggregate, enrich and analyze data to gain a deeper understanding of player behavior.
  • Predictive models focused on net lift anticipate player preferences and actions to drive incremental revenue and improve profitability.
  • Activating predictive modeling insights that anticipate player actions in front-line applications (web, mobile, email, social, search, etc.) can enable tailored reinvestment strategies with actionable marketing efforts to optimize next best actions and experiences.

Watch the entire Digital (R)evolution series here.

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About the Experts

Suneel Grover
Advisory Presales Solution Architect, SAS

Malorie Robinson
Data Scientist, SAS

Lonnie Miller
Senior Manager, Industry Consulting, SAS