On-Demand Webinar

Still Talking Supply Chains? Solving for Manufacturing Disruption in Health Care and Life Sciences

This webinar, part of our Analytics in 20 series, will show that while real-world data is the latest industry buzz, is it that valuable? Without the power of analytics, it might not be.    

About the webinar

For the past few years, supply chain disruptions have created shortages of everything from paper towels to mouthwash.

But health care and life sciences shortages aren’t just a minor inconvenience for consumers; they can create life and death concerns for patients and affect the future of medicine for years to come.

Join us as we discuss supply chain disruptions and how your organization can help alleviate concerns with the power of SAS®.

We will discuss:

  • The current state of manufacturing disruptions across both health care and life sciences and what it means for patients and the future of medicine.
  • Ways your organization can implement technology and analytics to better predict, understand and mitigate challenges across the care supply ecosystem.
  • The power of SAS, collaboration and data in ensuring supply chain continuity for patients, physicians and life sciences researchers worldwide.

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About the Experts

Kayt Leonard (Moderator)
Global Principal Industry & Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Kayt Leonard leads market strategy and engagement for the SAS Global Health and Life Science Practice, using her extensive industry expertise to differentiate and position SAS within a complex, changing and crucial market. Leonard received a BA from North Carolina State University and is a master’s candidate at Harvard University, researching global access to health care and international health disparities.

Bobby Shkolnikov
Principal, Global IoT Strategy & Commercialization, SAS

Bobby Shkolnikov delivers quality solutions, establishes actionable strategies and delivers strategic initiatives for the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Digital Supply Networks (DSN) and digital transformation spaces. He has helped organizations in the technology, manufacturing and medical device sectors engineer go-to-market strategies in IoT, deliver smart factory strategies, build business cases for transformative alliances, create ROI for IoT/DSN investments and deploy IoT solutions in live production environments.

Vlad Tikhtman
Senior Industry Consultant, Health Care, SAS

Vlad Tikhtman’s 20+ years in health care product leadership and strategic marketing are distinguished by his mission-driven approach and subject matter expertise in health tech, analytics and product management. Before SAS, he was the head of marketing and strategy at tangoRx Solutions. He held pivotal roles at Press Ganey, Truven (now Merative), and Premier Inc., contributing to significant technological advancements in operational performance and patient care.