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How to Develop Better Forecasts With SAS® Visual Forecasting

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About the webinar

Welcome to the introductory webinar on SAS Forecasting, the first in a mini-series of webinars during the next few months.

This session will provide an overview of SAS Visual Forecasting, introduce some of the latest developments and provide a solid foundation for the upcoming webinars.

We’ll start this webinar by focusing on the end-to-end forecasting capabilities of SAS Visual Forecasting.

You will learn about the breadth of features available in SAS Visual Forecasting and how they can help improve the quality and reliability of your forecasts.

You will:

  • See the different forecasting algorithms available in SAS Visual Forecasting, which include time series, machine learning and deep learning methods.
  • Get an overview of the open source integration capabilities that allow users to scale their algorithms to run in a distributed manner in SAS Visual Forecasting.
  • Understand how to easily create custom events to improve the quality and accuracy of forecasting models.
  • Enhance your modeling competitions by automatically selecting the best model per time series across multiple modeling strategies.
  • Explore interactive modeling capabilities that allow users to create custom models for individual time series.
  • Understand the importance of time series segmentation in enhancing your forecasting accuracy.

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About the Expert

Speaker 1

Joe Katz
Forecasting Product Manager, SAS

Joe Katz has more than 25 years of experience as an advanced analytics and process improvement professional, including both consulting and operations roles. His broad range of roles and experiences bring a unique perspective to product management. In his previous role at SAS, Katz was an Advisory Analytical Consultant and worked primarily on forecasting projects. Earlier in his career, he served as a forecasting manager in both the telecommunications and airline industries. In addition, Katz was a process improvement consultant with both Bell Labs and a telecommunications CIO organization. He began his career at AT&T as an internal consultant. Katz has a PhD in mathematics/operations research from the Colorado School of Mines and is also the sole inventor of a US patent.