On-Demand Webinar

Using AI to Build a Better Insurance Industry

Discover how AI is transforming the insurance industry through automation, optimization and innovation.

insurance analytics @ scale

About the webinar

Join us for an exploration into the digital transformation of insurance companies, unveiling how AI accelerates speed, efficiency and precision in all facets of the industry.

Discover how AI is reshaping the landscape by automating processes, optimizing claims and crafting innovative customer engagement strategies.

Learn more about:

  • Conquering implementation challenges in AI.
  • The pivotal role of training data in deploying large language models.
  • Tangible benefits insurers gain from embracing AI.

Watch the entire webinar series here.

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About the Experts

Fitz Fitzgerald
Advisory Industry Consultant, Insurance, SAS

Jonathan Kalman
Founding Partner, Eos Venture Partners

Bryson Koehler
Chief Product, Data, Analytics and Technology Officer, Equifax