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SAS® Visual Analytics Stories Are Data With a Soul

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About the webinar

What does it mean to have a soul?

When something affects us deeply, we say it "touches my soul." Brené Brown delivered a TEDx (Ted Talks) presentation on “the power of vulnerability.”

One of her main themes of that presentation is that inspiration is not in delivering data. Rather, inspiration is in telling stories about the data and how it can help us lead better lives.

This webinar will address examples of generating emotion with your visualizations, analytics, reports and dashboards.

We will cover seven example areas that will enable you to tell the most impactful story with your data from an emotional persuasion point of view: examples of emotion toward dashboards; color selection; bias detection; sentiment analysis; time perception; animation, images and video; and call to action.

You will learn:

  • How to compare and contrast typical visualizations with those that might generate emotion.
  • How to make a human connection with your data within your organization.
  • A different way to think about and use SAS Visual Analytics.

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About the Expert

Ted Stolarczyk
Technical Advisor, SAS

Ted helps organizations tell their most impactful story with their data. He leads customer adoption efforts around the SAS Visual Analytics solution and has been providing technical pre- and post-sales customer care support his entire career. Ted can showcase overall capabilities, or he can explain how it can integrate with customers’ internal business process and technology site-specific requirements.