Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Models in SAS® Optimization

Aug. 29 • 11 a.m. ET • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

Decision making is more complicated when there isn’t a clear, single-best option to select.

We’ll show you how multi-objective optimization is used to analyze the best tradeoffs among numerous optimal solutions to help enable effective, strategic decision making.

Join this webinar to incorporate mathematical optimization as a tool in the decision making process.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a multi-objective optimization model using the OPTMODEL procedure in SAS Optimization.
  • Interpret the results of the model within the context of the business problem.
  • Construct a Pareto frontier of optimal solutions to visualize the best set of tradeoffs between two competing objectives.
  • Modify the optimization model to accommodate custom scenarios to answer additional business questions.
  • Leverage the flexibility of the OPTMODEL programming syntax to achieve the objectives.

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About the experts

Jay Laramore

Senior Analytical Training Consultant, SAS

Jay Laramore has worked at SAS since 2015, and he currently develops and teaches education courses in econometrics, time series forecasting, network analysis and optimization. Previously at SAS, Jay worked in the analytical consulting division, where he built and deployed a variety of analytical solutions for customers using SAS software. Prior to joining SAS, Jay worked as an analytical consultant in the marketing and retail fuel industries. He earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Roanoke College.