On-Demand Webinar

Exploring the Environmental Impact of AI and Analytics in the Cloud

Join this webinar to learn how you can assess the carbon footprint of your analytical workloads in the cloud and ways to optimize it.

About the webinar

Cloud computing is instrumental in helping organizations use the power of analytics, machine learning and AI for both insights and innovation.

However, the rapid expansion of cloud computing has led to a significant carbon footprint.

In fact, cloud computing contributes nearly 4% of global carbon emissions – greater than what’s generated by the airline industry.

Join this webinar to learn about the elements that contribute to carbon emissions produced by cloud computing and how optimized performance could help to reduce your environmental impact in the cloud.

You will learn:  

  • The environmental impact of cloud computing and how it compares to on-prem deployments.
  • The potential environmental benefit of optimized performance with SAS® Viya® and how to calculate it.
  • Tips to reduce your carbon footprint and supercharge your productivity in the cloud.

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About the Experts

Francesco Rainini
Business Value Consultant, SAS

Francesco Rainini has extensive experience helping organizations discover and develop value through their digital transformation journey. At SAS, he has worked with innovation ecosystems, accelerated value creation through a data-driven approach, and established partnerships with startups, universities and research centers. Currently, Francesco guides customers through the value roadmap that SAS can create for them.

Spiros Potamitis
Data Scientist and Global Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Spiros Potamitis specializes in forecasting and machine learning. At SAS, he works with R&D and product management to define SAS product direction and vision while helping customers apply advanced analytics and AI to drive business value. Spiros holds an MSc in both computer engineering and information management from the University of Manchester.