Marketing Minutes: Insights in 20 Series

Do You Need a CDP? What You Need to Know to Cut Through the Hype.

Unravel the CDP conundrum and learn how to make the best decisions about your customer data.    

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About the webinar

Did you know that 67% say they've adopted a CDP, but only 17% report high utilization?

Or that 45% report that CDPs underperform against business expectations?

Could marketspace confusion (170 vendors, 50+ use cases) be part of the problem?
In this groundbreaking webinar, our panel of CDP experts tackles the critical questions to guide your CDP journey – providing the necessary context behind the alarming statistics, underperformance and confusion.

Don't miss this opportunity to navigate the CDP landscape with clear, informed decisions. Reserve your spot now!

Why attend?

  • Gain actionable insights that cut through CDP hype and optimize utilization.
  • Navigate the myriad CDP types and learn where emerging concepts like composability fit.
  • Understand the CDP buyer’s checklist – matching the CDP to your unique use cases while avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Join the conversation by engaging with peers and experts to elevate your CDP strategy.

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About the experts

Michael Obermaier

Head of Customer Experience Advisory Practice, DACH, SAS

Michael Obermaier is Head of SAS CX and MarTech Solutions for Austria, Germany and Switzerland. His primary focus is helping organizations use data to create better customer experiences and tackle current and future marketing challenges through innovative technology solutions. Before joining SAS, he held various management positions in sales, marketing, consulting and product management at different CRM and CX software vendors. In addition to his professional activities, Obermaier enjoys teaching at universities on those topics.

Lisa Loftis

Principal Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Lisa Loftis is a customer intelligence thought leader and product marketer at SAS, focusing on customer intelligence, customer experience management and digital marketing. She is the co-author of the book Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise.

Yves St-Laurent

Senior Digital Marketing Advisor, Munvo

Yves St-Laurent is a Senior Digital Marketing Advisor for Munvo, and he excels in elevating digital marketing strategies through robust first-party customer data foundations.