On-Demand Webinar

Advanced Analytics: The Chief Risk Officer’s Perspective

Explore insurance risks and solutions in this webinar as we hear the CRO’s perspective on AI pitfalls, tech risks and effective communication strategies.

insurance analytics @ scale

About the webinar

As technology innovation continues to transform business, insurance firms turn to their chief risk officers (CROs) to navigate the risks impacting financial stability and sustainable growth.

Join our webinar for a deep dive into the CRO’s view on advanced analytics and AI in insurance.

Discover how the CRO role is pivotal in ensuring the integrity and success of insurance companies. 

You will learn how to:

  • Identify and mitigate AI risks.
  • Avoid common tech risk pitfalls.
  • Communicate AI risks effectively with the board and executives.

Watch the entire webinar series here.

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About the Experts

Fitz Fitzgerald
Advisory Industry Consultant, Insurance, SAS

Jonathan Kalman
Founding Partner, Eos Venture Partners

Ari Moskowitz
Group Chief Risk Officer, Everest