Discover your future in digital health analytics.

Simplify your health data landscape and expand your analytical horizons. Integrate real-world data. Rapidly create patient cohorts. Detect and visualize clinical events. Gain valuable insights on quality and cost of care. Drive enhanced patient outcomes and medical products.    

Embedded machine learning and AI

Unleashes the full potential of your data to improve population health, accelerate therapeutic discovery and development, and automate clinical processes.

Analytic accelerators for health care and life sciences

Provides a library of proven models and analytic techniques to expedite exploration and discovery within a single, unified environment.

Interactive, near-real time cohort generator

Enables you to identify research cohorts without coding. Complex queries can go beyond simple subsetting to selecting criteria with multiple temporal relationships and Boolean logic.

Interactive clinical event builder

Lets you quickly create customized clinical event associations or select from a library of prebuilt event definitions for use in population health studies or clinical research.

Data integration & management

Brings together and enriches health and nonhealth data sources and prepares data for analytics. Manages data and analytic model lineage. Refreshes results of analytic model and cohort analysis results as new data arrives.

Powered by the SAS® Platform

Provides machine learning, AI and visualization capabilities for addressing relevant health care and life sciences business challenges.

Open source capabilities

Fosters collaboration within your analytic ecosystem by enabling you to utilize open source capabilities (Python, R, Java, etc.) within a unified environment.

Flexible deployment options

Runs on commodity hardware, in a private or public cloud infrastructure, or as managed software as a service (SaaS).

Accelerate time to value and discover new insights with industry-specific analytics and guided interactive visuals.  

SAS Health Analytics Framework showing real world evidence cohort on desktop monitor

Visualize and analyze cohort data.

An interactive, drag-and-drop cohort builder supports complex cohort queries with temporal relationships – no coding required. You can easily explore cohort characteristics and the effect of inclusion/exclusion criteria on patient populations to deter­mine study feasibility. You can save cohort definitions for reuse, modify them and apply them to other real world data assets for comparisons across populations, which saves time and resources. Validate results and do further analysis using in-memory analysis and visualization in SAS or other technologies (e.g., R, Python and third-party visualization tools).

Quickly assemble clinical/chronic events.

SAS Health Analytics Framework Episode Builder puts the power to see – and edit – episode definitions in your hands. Prebuilt events are defined in the solution metadata, then SAS applies fully documented logic to create episodes of care. The logical business rules are transparent and auditable at any time. Instead of spending weeks to manually code events, your team can now focus on communicating results to analysts and clinicians.

SAS Health Analytics Framework showing custom event creation on desktop monitor
SAS Health Analytics Framework showing event summary visuals on desktop monitor

Visualize episodes of care using a library of prebuilt event definitions.

Interactive analytic accelerators – including a cohort generator and episode builder – provide easy-to-use, point-and-click interfaces. This makes it easy to identify population subsets, clinical events and associations so you can better understand the differences in health outcomes within a provider network, clinical research or in the general population. Combined with embedded machine learning and AI, these capabilities deliver enhanced insights that you can align with your organizational strategy. 

Gain fast, easy access to advanced health analytics and visualizations.

Even nontechnical users can navigate, visualize and explore huge amounts of data quickly with an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface to powerful, in-memory analytics. A library of prebuilt analytical models infused with innovative algorithms provides access to a wide range of analytic tools – from simple descriptive statistics, to predictive analytics, to machine learning methods. You can also create meaningful reports and share them via mobile devices to support decisions on brand strategy, treatment regimens, pricing, reimbursement, formulary access and more.

SAS Health Analytics Framework showing advanced analytics on desktop monitor
SAS Health Analytics Framework showing comorbity comparison visuals on desktop monitor

Efficiently adjust for risk and severity in population health or claims data.

The SAS Health Analytics Framework facilitates risk adjustment processes. Built-in models help analytic leaders understand population-level cost drivers, comorbidities and expected outcomes for specific episodes of care. Financial analysis supports risk management professionals, as well as clinicians who want to optimize treatment pathways.

Achieve breakthrough success wherever you are on your analytic journey.  

Make your operational systems smarter with embedded analytics. Deploy model results, such as clinical propensities or risk scores, into operational systems for faster insights delivered at the point of decision – and a greater ROI. Ready to expand your analytic journey? Easily add unstructured and streaming data to your structured data using prebuilt capabilities. You can also add text analytics and natural language processing to your predictive models. With the power and flexibility of the SAS Health Analytics Framework, you can establish a foundation for repeatable, industry-specific applications that help you successfully navigate change in the market.

SAS Health Analytics Framework showing financial summary visualizations on desktop monitor

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