White Paper

Modernizing Healthcare Analytics on the Cloud: Experiences from the Front Lines

presented by SAS

Dramatic changes in the health care industry over the past decade have ratcheted up the demand for big data analytics while simultaneously highlighting the information risks associated with data protection and the benefits of utilizing advanced analytics to improve health outcomes, equity and quality. Many organizations are turning to cloud computing to modernize their analytics life cycle, yet sometimes they face unexpected roadblocks along the way.

This paper explores the state of health care analytics modernization with perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of migrating health analytics to the cloud. You'll learn more about recommendations for governance and orchestration that can help simplify and streamline health analytics modernization.

Topics covered include:

  • Use cases for using cloud-based analytics to improve patient outcomes.
  • How quality and efficiency motivate growth in health analytics.
  • Analytics capabilities enabled by migrating to the cloud.
  • Mature use of cloud-based analytics.
  • Key challenges and considerations when developing a platform architecture.