Be a part of something extraordinary.

Our culture has always been an integral part of who we are as a company, connecting the curious nature that gave us our start, and the spirit of innovation that moves us forward. The way we act and interact is based on trust, respect and a bold motivation to drive change.

Ready to make your mark?

Curious. Passionate. Authentic. Accountable. The collective power of our values influences everything we do. From the software that we create to the conversations we share, there is a strong connection between analytics and advocacy. We imagine a better world through innovation. Empower curiosity through education outreach. Encourage the use of data for good. Embrace uniqueness through diversity. Give back through philanthropy. And collaborate with businesses to promote economic, social and environmental change.


Creating something completely original is not reserved for specific jobs. Technological, social and corporate innovation can come from anywhere.


SAS supports initiatives that encourage interest in STEM, improve reading proficiency and close the analytics skills gap., with free software to students around the world.


We’re proud to be a part of the Data for Good movement, using data to make a meaningful difference with poverty, health, human rights, education and the environment.


SAS has a multidimensional culture that blends our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives from employees in 58 countries around the world.


Our employees are inspirational in their commitment of time and talent to their respective volunteer causes. Each year, SAS supports several local and global initiatives.


Caring for our people, our planet and our communities is the right thing to do. We're committed to working with businesses for economic, social and environmental change.

SAS’ culture allows its employees to set and achieve limitless goals. The support provided by leadership is exemplary! Keisha Simpson IT Manager US

More than a job, an experience.

Balanced lives continue to make great business sense. So we remain strongly committed to providing the whole employee experience – meaningful work, empowerment to make a difference, and a world-class environment that inspires innovation. Whether you're a university recruit or an experienced professional ready for the next big challenge, SAS will be a surprisingly good fit.


Ninety-five percent of SAS’ assets drive out the gate every evening. It’s our job to maintain a work environment that keeps those people coming back every morning enthusiastic about what is possible. SAS focuses on holistically balancing and integrating positive aspects of work and life. By taking care of our employees, the rest takes care of itself.


On average, you spend 54 percent of your waking hours at work. Why not do something meaningful that you can be proud of? SAS is making a difference in people’s lives all around the world. Our analytics software helps organizations make important decisions that drive change every day – like how to capture the bad guys, keep kids safe, feed the hungry, and ensure that people who struggle to learn are not lost.


We set the bar high for our employees and provide a culture that fosters creativity. Whether you’re developing software, selling it, marketing it or consulting with customers, your role is important. We’ve found that employees are happier if they feel valued – and mutual respect goes a long way, because satisfied employees mean satisfied customers. The leadership at SAS trusts our employees to get the job done.


Depending on the SAS location, you could be working in a college campus atmosphere or even a castle. Lots of windows, pops of color and original artwork offer inspiration throughout the day. Work out with friends at lunch, or take a yoga class, and come back relaxed and rejuvenated. Our Cary headquarters has an on-site recreation and fitness center, and our regional offices contract with area health clubs to encourage wellness.

I am proud to be part of such a talented, enjoyable and motivated team that is dedicated to making a positive impact. I feel respected and valued for what I bring to this company, and the team members here at SAS are all knowledgeable and passionate people. We’re all working toward a common goal, and we feel it. Gaetano Varriale SAS Account Manager, Sales Italy

We think you’re worth the investment.

As a SAS employee, you’ll be focusing on our business and our customers. Let us focus on what you care about the most – your health and well-being, your earning potential, your professional path forward, and time to breathe so you can enjoy life outside of work.


You deserve benefits that match your commitment to performance. SAS provides a competitive salary, retirement and insurance plans, and educational programs to help you keep your financial goals on track. SAS even starts you out with three weeks of vacation, plus the extra week off for winter break at the end of each year.


SAS encourages you to keep your mind sharp, grow as an individual and continually evolve your skills. We invest in you through emerging leader programs, tuition assistance, technical training and professional development because we recognize that your talent will be the driving force for innovation.


Comprehensive health care benefits, support programs, and expertise are available to help you live a healthier life – at work and at home. Our world headquarters has a convenient on-site health care center for employees and their family members, as well as a free recreation, swim and fitness center. Other SAS offices provide many health and well-being programs, including subsidized gym memberships and nutritional seminars.


We understand that when everything is close at hand, you’re able to focus more clearly. On-site, subsidized daycare is provided at our world headquarters for children of eligible employees, while regional offices offer services at area daycare centers. SAS work-life and wellness programs also help employees and their families reduce stress and nurture positive lifestyles.

Because we eliminate unnecessary distractions and help relieve everyday stress, our employees are happier, healthier and proud of the difference their work makes. Jim Goodnight CEO SAS


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