On-Demand Webinar

What’s Next? Key 2022 Trends for Health and Life Sciences

This webinar, part of our Analytics in 20 series, explains that 2021 taught us that preparedness is imperative. Join us and learn what might be next for health and life sciences in 2022.

About the webinar

The health and life sciences industry has rapidly transformed in the last two years in response to the pandemic.

From drug discovery to development and clinical applications, the industry is digitizing faster than ever.

This transformation results in more data that fuels analytics and can personalize health.

Across all facets of life, we’ve learned that preparedness is key to success in this new age.

So we ask: What’s next?

Why attend?

  • See how analytics is key to running your business in 2022.
  • Learn why innovation and change are the only constants.
  • Discover the power of SAS and Microsoft for trusted analytics in the cloud.

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About the Experts

Steve Kearney
Medical Director, SAS

Steve Kearney helps lead SAS’ focus on the future of digital health across health care, life sciences, government research and development divisions.

Kearney co-developed and implemented one of the first electronic disease registries at Duke Health while also offering the first web-based ambulatory medicine elective at UNC. He then joined the medical outcomes group at Pfizer, where he continued his practical approach to data and the patient journey. He focused on health outcome insights from electronic medical record migrations, early personal digital assistants, novel health software programs and the first large patient claims databases.

Throughout his career, Kearney has been a trusted advisor on health policy for state and federal agencies.

Dr. Mark Lambrecht
Global Director, Health Care and Life Sciences, SAS

Mark Lambrecht has more than 20 years of experience studying and implementing the potential, use and future of analytics, artificial intelligence and data engineering to advance patient outcomes. He is responsible for the global health care and life sciences market strategy of SAS. Lambrecht explores how leaders in government, hospitals, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers can take AI, real-world evidence and digital health care from hype to reality, without oversimplifying clinical, financial and operational complexity.

Prior to joining SAS, Lambrecht worked in the pharmaceutical industry and studied at the KU Leuven, Belgium, and at Stanford University. He holds a PhD and master’s in bioscience genetic engineering from the KU Leuven.