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SAS Customer Intelligence 360

Learn how our multichannel marketing hub works.

Embedded Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Amplify the value of real-time customer data.

  • Take advantage of our comprehensive, fully integrated CDP to seamlessly collect, enhance, extend and activate customer data in real time.
  • Employ powerful audience targeting and management, comprehensive identity resolution, behavioral data collection, and a unique hybrid data architecture that lets you keep your data where you want it.

Journey Creation

Personalize experiences and influence behaviors across the customer life cycle.

  • Plan and orchestrate meaningful customer journeys across touchpoints to elevate customer engagement with your brand.
  • Build strong customer relationships with targeted journeys powered by customer insights.
  • Use GenAI capabilities to aid in planning, journey design, and content and creative development.

Data Activation

Provide the right message at the right time. Every time.

  • Meet customers where they are when they need it most by deploying relevant messages across all channels quickly.
  • Deliver messages across owned digital and third-party applications.
  • Get suggestions for recommended audience creation and interpret audience data using GenAI and other AI/NLP technologies.

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The Secrets of Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

Solution Overview

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: The multichannel marketing hub for the way business is done today

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Planning For CDP Success: A guided journey for choosing a customer data platform

Multichannel marketing hub frequently asked questions

What is SAS Customer Intelligence 360?

  • As a complete SaaS solution, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is a multichannel marketing hub that takes marketers beyond a traditional customer data platform with market-leading advanced audience creation, targeting and activation.
  • SAS enables marketers to better understand customer journeys, orchestrate personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints, and take advantage of analytically driven attribution to measure success and prove marketing ROI.

Who uses SAS Customer Intelligence 360?

  • Marketers, campaign developers, digital marketers and customer experience professionals can all take advantage of our simple, intuitive user interface to track existing projects, view marketing performance, track customer behavior, and create and manage personalized customer journeys.
  • Data scientists, database marketers and marketers with advanced analytical skills benefit from advanced segmentation and embedded AI capabilities.

What industries does your solution support?

  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360 supports all industries where marketers want to personalize the customer experience, activate customer data and orchestrate journeys. This includes:
    • Banking.
    • Insurance.
    • Retail and consumer goods.
    • Telecom, media and communications.
    • Health care.
    • Hospitality, gaming and entertainment.
    • And more.
  • Our industry experts and partner organizations have a deep knowledge of marketing and industry issues. Combining our partners with local SAS knowledge allow us to address even the most sophisticated marketing, digital marketing and customer experience use cases.

What makes SAS Customer Intelligence 360 unique?

  • Our unique hybrid data architecture allows you to keep customer data where you want it – on-premises, in the cloud or federated. You only pull data into SAS Customer Intelligence 360 when you want to activate it, and keep it there for only as long as is necessary for activation.
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides a true 360-view of customers and behaviors – linking anonymous and known users, synchronizing online and offline profile data and dynamically updating identity graphs in real-time as user behavior changes.
  • Real-time two-way interaction – digital properties and on-premises applications – means there is no digital data time lag to incorporate triggers into action. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 collects user behavioral data from pages, screens and field interactions, across digital properties, and allows you to define digital events for information collection. Customer information and segments are updated in real time providing a dynamic ‘Customer State’ record.
  • AI-powered journey orchestration goes beyond segmentation. SAS provides marketers with real return on investment by activating unified customer data via AI-powered, right-time journey orchestration across all channels. Comprehensive analytics, next-best-offer capabilities, real-time decisioning and seamless integration with other critical marketing functions (planning, testing and attribution analysis) enhance insights and shorten the time from insight to action.

How does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 support the broader customer experience ecosystem?

  • SAS goes beyond a traditional CDP to give you a deeper customer understanding from:
    • Embedded predictive marketing analytics.
    • Contextual customer engagement across inbound and outbound channels.
    • Compelling customer experiences tailored to each unique customer's journey.
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360 integrates with our market-leading decisioning engine, SAS Intelligent Decisioning, as well as other decisioning engines to provide business rule and analytical model-driven decisions that extend well beyond the marketing department.
  • Our extensive range of out-of-the-box connectors and API-driven connector framework allow marketers to ingest data and pass data to virtually any third-party application. Direct connections to cloud-based data stores, such as Snowflake and Google Big Query, make audience creation and targeting simple and effortless.

Does SAS facilitate hyper-personalization?

Yes, the SAS suite of marketing and advanced analytics products work together to enable marketing to provide real-time, hyper-personalized, AI-driven decisions, offers and communications at scale.

Does SAS’ multichannel marketing hub include capabilities for generative AI?

SAS continues to infuse GenAI capabilities into its flagship MarTech solution, SAS Customer Intelligence 360, to help you elevate the customer experience. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 already offers GenAI assistance on streamlining marketing planning, journey design, and content and creative development. And now there are three additional GenAI capabilities for marketers:

  • Using GenAI to build recommended audiences based on natural language prompts.
  • A chat experience to interpret audience data.
  • A suggestion service for email A/B testing.

Want to learn more about our multichannel marketing hub?

We can help you get started with SAS Customer Intelligence 360. Tell us a little about yourself and a SAS marketing expert will get in touch to learn about your specific needs.