On-Demand Webinar

Putting AI and Machine Learning to Work in Human Resources

This webinar discusses how HR executives who succeed with AI and machine learning will be best positioned to lead their organizations in crisis and recovery.

About the webinar

HR’s role in pandemic recovery will be based on agility and the pace at which HR leaders can make sound business decisions.

The HR executives who embrace AI and machine learning will be best positioned to address the challenges of this crisis and the push to full recovery.

The purpose of this webinar is to help HR executives understand not only how AI can support their teams during this critical time, but also where it can best be applied in their organizations.

Why attend?

  • See how AI helps HR teams extract insights from data and deliver recommendations in real time.
  • Understand which use cases for AI are most critical to organizations now and as they work through recovery.
  • Learn where AI is best applied so organizations come out stronger on the other side of crisis.

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About the Experts

Jon Lemon
Solutions Specialist, SAS Government Practice


Larry Hall
Advanced Analytics Account Director, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.