On-Demand Webinar

Top 5 Change Drivers for the Year of the “Non” Patient

This webinar, part of our Analytics in 20 series, will help you discover how advanced analytics can change the future of health care.

About the webinar

The pandemic has made it clear how important it is to provide holistic and equitable health care for all.

But how can we better serve communities and individuals to mitigate social determinants of health?

How can we better care for the whole person rather than just treating acute illness?

How can we better advance preventive and personalized medicine?

As we work toward better health outcomes and patient experiences, health care payers, providers and life sciences companies must increasingly look to data and analytics to inform decision making and optimize processes.

Join our SAS health care and medical experts in this special 45-minute webinar as they explore the top five trends driving change in health care delivery today.

Learn about:

  • The rise of health data platforms and data interoperability.
  • Patient centricity through product safety and pharmacovigilance.
  • Value-based care and pricing to improve health care quality and contain costs.
  • Adoption of cloud computing and AI to advance clinical research and health care.
  • Workforce rehabilitation.

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About the Experts

Steve Kearney
Global Medical Director, SAS

Steve Kearney helps lead SAS’ focus on the future of digital health across health care, life sciences, government research and development divisions. In previous positions at Duke Health, UNC and Pfizer, he specialized in taking a practical approach to data and the patient journey. Throughout his career, Kearney has been a trusted advisor on health policy for state and federal agencies.

Mark Lambrecht
Director, Health and Life Sciences Industry Leader, SAS

Mark Lambrecht has more than 20 years of experience studying and implementing the current and future use of analytics, AI and data engineering to advance patient outcomes. He explores how leaders in government, hospitals, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers can take AI, real-world evidence and digital health care from hype to reality without oversimplifying clinical, financial and operational complexity.

Alyssa A. Farrell
Director, Global Industry Marketing, SAS Health Care & Life Sciences

Alyssa Farrell leads industry marketing for the SAS Global Health and Life Sciences Practice. She focuses on the SAS® solutions that help optimize health outcomes for individuals and their communities. She is actively engaged in analyst relations, market research and influencer marketing to stay on top of industry trends and align SAS capabilities to customer needs. Previously at SAS, she supported the energy and public sector global teams. Before joining SAS in 2004, Farrell was a senior consultant in the Deloitte Public Sector Practice.

Kayt Leonard
Global Principal Industry & Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Kayt Leonard leads market strategy and engagement for the SAS Global Health and Life Science Practice, using her extensive industry expertise to differentiate and position SAS within a complex, changing and crucial market.

Leonard received a B.A. from North Carolina State University and is a master’s candidate at Harvard University, researching global access to health care and international health disparities.