Retail Analytics & Consumer Goods Analytics

Drive your product demand planning, inventory and supply chain using real-time customer data.

Why choose SAS® for retail & consumer goods analytics?

A strong data strategy. Analytical merchandising. Intelligent marketing. An open analytics ecosystem. Retail analytics and consumer goods analytics from SAS let you apply analytics to every step of the customer journey for better connections and deeper insights.


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What does it take to become an analytics-driven demand planning organization?

Change the way demand planning is performed and discover your organization's demand planning maturity by deploying our recommendations to get to the next level.


Getting Past the Hype: What Can AI Analytics Really Accomplish for Retailers?

Hear analyst firm RSR's overview on the ways that retail winners are – and aren't – using AI.


Transparent Supply Chain Management Powered by SAS & C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson and SAS join forces to drive smarter, more agile demand-powered supply chains.


Get a complete view of your business and customers with retail analytics and consumer goods analytics. Create assortments based on customer preferences. Invoke the most relevant engagement strategy for each customer. Optimize supply chain and retail operations at every step of the customer journey.

Merchandise & Assortment Planning

Get the right merchandise to the right stores when customers are ready to buy.

Customer Insight

Know exactly what your customers want, when they want it. And make sure they get it.

Demand Planning

Accurately plan for customer demand – down to the individual store level.

Inventory & Price Optimization

Drive higher inventory turns and fewer markdowns with tailored plans and assortments.

Supply Chain Analytics

Unify data from across your organization, then optimize responses throughout the supply chain.


Working Smarter With SAS® Retail Analytics & Consumer Goods Analytics

Finding the right fit for better customer experiences 

Levi Strauss & Co. – the company that invented bluejeans – is always innovating. And now it's on a journey with SAS to build an analytically driven, decision-ready culture that helps it connect to the people who love its apparel.

Keeping fresh products on the shelves

To deliver on its promise of “Good Food, Good Life,” Nestlé – the world's biggest food company – relies on accurate forecasting and demand planning from SAS to ensure products are available when customers want them.

Using modern analytics to maintain a glass-half-full attitude

As a fourth-generation family business, Oberweis Dairy has seen a shift from smaller, family-owned farms to larger corporate farms and changing consumer buying habits. The company now uses SAS to better understand its customer base and growth potential.

Knowing the right pricing strategy for each stage of the product life cycle

SAS helped the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel:

  • Automate the decision-making process.
  • Develop a product life cycle pricing structure that helps reduce markdowns.
  • Understand competitor pricing.
  • Plan strategies that improve gross margin.


Predict and Plan Consumer Demand

Get hyperaccurate demand planning and forecasting in a flexible, scalable managed application service (MAS) offering.


Better connections. Deeper insights.

No matter which retail or consumer goods sector you're in, retail analytics and consumer goods analytics from SAS enable you to deliver more personalized shopping experiences and increase revenue.


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence

Optimize store and supply chain operations, increase conversions, and customize shopping experiences.

Internet of Things

Give customers relevant, omnichannel experiences – in real time, on their terms.

Cloud Computing

Experience the same agility your customers have with a complete range of cloud offerings and deployment.

Connect with SAS and see what we can do for you.