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Teach SAS, bring analytics into the classroom and help students learn the latest technologies.

Teaching Materials

Find instruction guides, presentations, data sets and other materials to support your instruction – for free.

Academic Software

Hands-on learning gets easier when you're using real technology. Educators can access SAS software for free.


Before you can teach it, you need to fully understand it. Learn SAS technology at your own pace with free online courses.

You teach. They learn. Everyone benefits.

Why you should teach SAS®

  • Select from a variety of course topics, created by the industry's top experts. We'll help you stay aware of – and trained on – the technologies that employers are looking for the most.
  • Join an elite community of educators who become analytics experts in their own right. We'll give you the resources to get there.
  • Prepare your students for their dream careers. Many of today's top technology employers require SAS, so teaching students now means they'll be well prepared for the future.

Why your students should learn SAS®

  • Taking a class in analytics can equal student certification, opening the door to better job opportunities.
  • Analytics-based jobs – particularly data science – rose 29% last year and will continue growing.
  • Data scientists are in the No. 1 spot on Glassdoor's Best Jobs in America list.
  • Recent survey respondents reported getting a raise after earning a base programming credential from SAS – a boost of 8.5% on average.


Our event is a wrap! Watch it on demand.

This year's SAS Global Forum brought together the most curious minds in analytics. If you weren't able to join the sessions, you can watch on demand – for free.

Availability ends June 25.

SAS® Academic Specialization

Partner with SAS. Prepare your students.

Our academic specialization program can benefit your institution – and help your students pursue a future in analytics.

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Introduce your students to Cortex, an online simulation game that helps students learn analytics skills.

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