From in-depth resources to free e-learning, we provide everything you need to learn SAS, teach SAS – or learn to teach SAS.

Learning SAS® is the first step toward launching a dream job.

Data scientist. Business analyst. Statistician. Career options are endless when you have the right skills. Whether you’re learning or teaching SAS, our resources can help get you where you want to be.

Why SAS®?

Skills that set you apart and earn you more: The median annual salary for computer programmers is over $10K higher when SAS is listed in a job profile (Emsi, 2020).

Top credentials from the analytics leader. Learn and get certified in technologies such as BI and advanced analytics – directly from the industry leader.

Free resources to support teaching and learning. Our ready-to-use resources, classroom support and free training are available to get you started.

Our graduates must enter business and government with a level of data sophistication that allows them to solve real problems and relate those solutions to organizational leaders. That’s why SAS is a critical part of our applied economics and data analytics programs. Steven C. Myers Associate Professor of Economics The University of Akron


Join the most curious minds in analytics for inspiring keynotes, exciting announcements, live demos and award-winning entertainers.

Get the Software You Need

Students and educators can access free SAS technology.

Institutions Using SAS®

SAS partners with colleges and universities to integrate analytics into their curriculums.

Get Started Teaching or Learning SAS®

First, familiarize yourself with our technology and what topics you want to learn – then find the resources you need to reach your goals.

For educators:

  • Choose which topics you're interested in adding to your curriculum.
  • Request free teaching materials from the SAS Academic Hub.
  • Watch how-to videos to clarify topics or expand your knowledge.

For students:

  • If you're learning on your own, start with a free e-learning course.
  • Download free SAS software for students so you can learn on real technology.
  • Explore SAS certification options if you want SAS credentials to boost your résumé.

SAS® Academic Specialization

Partner with SAS. Prepare your students.

Our academic specialization program can benefit your institution – and help your students pursue a future in analytics.


Senior Data Analyst

Geeta Kersellius

Find out how Geeta turned an interest in technology into a successful career as a senior data analyst.

Analytics Professor

Amir Zadeh

Analytics professor pursued his dream of teaching in higher education and now instructs the next generation of data scientists.

Data Scientist

Jessica Rudd

Data science PhD candidate Jessica Rudd blends technology and social science to forge her own path.

Data Scientist

Pradnya Pethkar

Data science professional fast tracks master's degree, then turns an internship into a career she loves.

Consultant & Writer

Kriss Harris

Programmer, consultant and writer Kriss Harris sets his sights on what he wants to accomplish, then does what it takes to achieve his goals.

Measurement Scientist

Whitney Coggeshall

Measurement scientist (and former SAS student ambassador) originally envisioned a counseling career until a statistics course put her on a different path.

Talent Connection

Helping students and employers bridge the gap between college and career.


You’ve put in the work. Now land the career you’ve always wanted. SAS can help improve your marketability – and connect you with potential employers.


You’ve put in the work. Now land the career you’ve always wanted. SAS can help improve your marketability – and connect you with potential employers.

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