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Free software, learning and teaching resources for academics.

Free software and resources to learn and teach analytics

Learning analytics and other in-demand skills can launch countless career opportunities, which is why SAS supports academic initiatives for both students and educators.


SAS provides free resources to help you learn new technologies, earn certifications and integrate analytics into the courses you teach.


We help you gain in-demand analytics skills that open doors to your future. Our courses, certifications and career resources get you started.

Why Learn SAS?

The demand for data analytics skills continues to grow. Building SAS skill allows you to stand out to employers.

Our graduates must enter business and government with a level of data sophistication that allows them to solve real problems and relate those solutions to organizational leaders. That’s why SAS is a critical part of our applied economics and data analytics programs. Steven C. Myers Associate Professor of Economics The University of Akron

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Students and educators can access free SAS® technology.

Why get SAS Certified?

Learn how a student, an educator, and a research professional all benefit from their SAS certifications. Plus, get tips for beginning your journey to certification.

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The SAS® certification and skills directory makes it easy for employers to find you and connect about career opportunities.

Learn to use data in everyday life.

Our data literacy courses teach you skills for understanding and using data – at school, at work and at home.


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    Our academic specialization program can benefit your institution – and help your students pursue a future in analytics.


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    Analytics skills are in high demand. Learn SAS, add it to your résumé, then start your job hunt.


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    Whether they just landed their first job or decided to pivot midcareer, these data scientists, developers, educators and analysts all found their way to careers they love. Find out how they got there.