On-Demand Webinar

Unlocking analytics for business process improvement and patient safety

Learn how analytics can be transformative for your organization at every level of health care administration – from beginner to data scientist.

About the webinar

Analytics is everywhere and can have significant impacts on Special Investigative Units, compliance and other business practices.

Often, organizations don’t proactively use the full potential of analytics to fight health care fraud, waste and abuse, and – more importantly – to help ensure patient safety.

In today’s session you will learn how, where and why advanced analytics is a game changer.

Strategic use of analytics is not solely for the data scientist, nor restricted to product design, member satisfaction or clinical outcomes.

Analytics can be automated and provide a user interface where anyone can make better, more informed decisions.

Got a data scientist on staff? Great! There are plenty of advanced techniques just for them.

Don’t be afraid of change. Take every opportunity you come across to set yourself up for success. Effectively deterring fraud can help you serve your customers.

Whether you’re in the SIU, analytics, compliance or anywhere else: Don’t just survive – thrive – in this brave new world of digital transformation.

Why attend?

  • Learn analytics everywhere with a user-centered design.
  • Use a cloud, on-site or hybrid approach to implementation.
  • Find out how to meet compliance needs.
  • Differentiate health plan performance.

Note: NHCAA continuing education credit will be awarded to those individuals who attend 75% or more of this webinar.

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About the Experts

Tom Wriggins
Principal Solutions Architect, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice, SAS

Ben Wright
Senior Payment Integrity Solutions Architect, SAS

John Maynard
Fraud and Risk Solutions Specialist, SAS