SAS® for Students

Learn SAS, gain in-demand analytics skills and open doors to your future.

Academic Software

Because hands-on learning helps you grasp concepts faster, SAS provides free software for students and educators.


Whether you're learning on your own or need to supplement classroom instruction, these online courses can help.

SAS® Certification

Validate your skills to employers – both current or future – with a certification from SAS.

Why You Should Learn SAS®

Take your pick of career opportunities. Consider that analytics-based jobs – particularly data science – rose 29% last year and will continue growing. Data scientists are in the No. 1 spot on Glassdoor's Best Jobs in America list.

Boost your salary. Recent survey respondents reported that earning a base programming credential from SAS led to an average salary increase of 8.5%.

Keep your skills sharp and your future bright. Technology is always evolving, and so is SAS. We'll help you stay on top of the industry's most in-demand technologies.


Join in the fun with a group project for analytical minds! Learn about The Curiosity Cup: A Global SAS Student Competition and register today.

Analytics skills are in high demand. Learn SAS, add it to your résumé, then start looking for your dream job.

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We’re here to help you

Whether you’re new to SAS or an experienced user, be sure to check out the Student Support FAQs Community. You’ll find additional support, resources, news about upcoming events, and answers to your questions.


Discover data literacy

Our free online course, composed of six video modules, helps you become more data literate so you can recognize the ways you interact with data every day.

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