On-Demand Webinar

Setting up for success in AI

This webinar, part of our Analytics in 20 series, explores how successful AI projects in health care and life sciences can hinge on a few key skills and details.

About the webinar

We’ve all heard AI promises to make health care more efficient, transform drug development and create insight to improve health outcomes.

But what makes a successful AI project in health and life sciences? How can you avoid common pitfalls and learn the ropes before you get started?

Whether it’s your first AI project or your 15th, join this webinar to learn the most important considerations for future success.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to be successful with AI projects.
  • Figure out which skills you need to succeed.
  • Learn to assess whether AI is the right approach.

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About the Experts

Alyssa A. Farrell
Advisory Industry Marketing Manager, Health & Life Sciences Practice, SAS

Alyssa Farrell leads industry marketing for the SAS Global Health and Life Sciences Practice. She focuses on the SAS solutions that help optimize health outcomes for individuals and their communities. She is actively engaged in analyst relations, market research and influencer marketing to stay on top of industry trends and align SAS capabilities to customer needs. Previously at SAS, she has supported the energy and public sector global teams. Prior to joining SAS in 2004, Farrell was a Senior Consultant in the Deloitte Public Sector practice.

Jim Box
Principal Data Scientist for Life Sciences, SAS

Box provides strategic insights across the life sciences industry, with a focus on optimizing the execution of clinical trials. He spent 18 years in the CRO industry, holding leadership roles in statistics, statistical programming, data management and information technology. Throughout his career, he’s used analytics and simulation to improve business processes across all aspects of an organization. Prior to joining his current team, Box spent a year with the SAS Solutions OnDemand Advanced Analytics Lab, working with customers on fraud detection, forecasting and modeling projects.

Dragos Coles
Principal Data Scientist for Health Care, SAS

Coles brings ML/AI automation to SAS Health applications to help all types of users use SAS ML and AI in the health care industry. In previous roles, Coles served as the lead Machine Learning Developer for SAS’ Machine Learning Pipeline Automation initiative in its advanced analytics R&D department and as a Solutions Architect with extensive experience in health care and life sciences. He has been with SAS for more than 10 years and holds analytics and biochemistry degrees from NC State University.