On-Demand Webinar

Health Care in the Post-Honesty Era

It's time for health care payers to assess payment integrity practices and develop a strategy around advanced analytics to modernize and thrive.


About the webinar

Surveys show there is a fundamental breakdown in the principles guiding people toward honesty. With that barrier broken, the risks around every health care payer and investigative body are magnified.

This session will delve into principles and approaches to data use and analytics in a multilayered, phased plan aimed at how to not only survive, but thrive, in a risky new world.

Learn how to:

  • Use AI to help predict and prevent payment fraud.
  • Gain a realistic, holistic view of your fraud risk.
  • Develop a culture around payment integrity.
  • Quickly uncover and adapt to new, complex fraud schemes.

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About the Expert

Carl Hammersburg, Manager of Government and Health Care Risk and Fraud, SAS

Carl Hammersburg has 20 years of experience working on anti-fraud activities at the state of Washington’s exclusive workers’ compensation insurer, the Department of Labor and Industries. He formed that agency’s comprehensive fraud program, covering premium audit, claim investigation, provider fraud and collections. During his stewardship, audit and investigative activities doubled and outcomes tripled based on a data mining and predictive analytics focus that improved efficiency and case selection. Program success under his leadership resulted in awards from two successive state governors.