On-Demand Webinar

Building Data-Driven Supply Chain Resilience for 2020 and Beyond

Learn how companies of all sizes are using improved capture and analysis of demand data to build more resilient supply chains.

About the webinar

The vulnerability of supply chains has become painfully clear. And sourcing difficulties – the inability to procure or ship supplies, failing or failed suppliers – have been compounded by an inability to accurately forecast demand.

How can leaders overcome these challenges to improve end-to-end supply chain performance today and in the future?

In this webinar, experts will discuss specific strategies and tactics based on real-world case studies from a range of industries, including manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, life sciences/health care and retail.

You'll learn how:

  • Analyzing trends, demand signals and customer-centric insights improves forecasting.
  • Using these forecasts helps optimize revenue, profits and costs.
  • Restructuring supply chains minimizes the potential for disruptions and boosts overall agility.

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About the Experts

John Brandt
CEO of The MPI Group and author of Nincompoopery: Why Your Customers Hate You – and How to Fix It

Dan Woo
Principal Industry Consultant, SAS