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Identity Theft – Who’s Who in Health Care

Health care identity theft is on the rise and becoming a core component of health care fraud. Join us and learn more about how to stem the growing tide of cases.

About the webinar

Identity theft is emerging at the center of health care fraud, waste and abuse.

Cases have only increased with COVID-19 driven changes.

Stolen credentials – including names, Social Security numbers and addresses – are used to file claims and open accounts with payments redirected to fraudsters.

Identity thieves sit on swaths of stolen identity data waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Join us and review the emerging challenges in combating and preventing identity theft in health care and government programs.

This panel conversation explores the current government and health care fraud landscape, presenting analytical strategies for recognizing false identities and preventing ID fraud.

Topics include:

  • Medicaid ID theft.
  • Synthetic identity and newborn Social Security number theft.
  • Home health employee credential theft.
  • Prescription pad theft.

Note: NHCAA continuing education credit will be awarded to those individuals who attend 75% or more of this webinar.

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About the Experts

John Watkins
Global Lead, Identity and Digital Fraud, SAS

Tom Wriggins
Principal Solutions Architect, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice, SAS

Ben Wright
Senior Payment Integrity Solutions Architect, SAS

John Maynard
Fraud and Risk Solutions Specialist, SAS