On-Demand Webinar

Evidence-Based Decision Making With Analytics

This webinar, part of our Analytics in 20 series, will take a look at how analytics helps health care agencies make the types of rapid, data-driven decisions needed to manage increasingly complex programs.


If you missed the Part 1 overview, catch up now (no registration required) then register for the Part 2 demo.

About the webinar

Health care organizations make thousands of policy decisions each year that affect the health and well-being of millions of citizens.

Too often, simple reporting is used to create policies that only guess at solutions. What health care leaders need are stronger insights for evidence-based decision making.

We will take a fresh look at how analytics helps leading health organizations make the types of rapid, data-driven decisions needed to manage increasingly complex programs.

Transforming data into insights is central to ensuring that the right care and social supports are provided at the right time and the right cost. 

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About the Experts

Sarah Newton, MPH, US Public Sector Health Policy Team Manager, SAS

Newton helps government agencies use data and analytics to improve the health and well-being of their citizens. She leads a team of health policy experts who work with clients to translate how data and analytics can support evidenced-based decision making, and she has worked with state and local governments to develop analytical insights to improve the health and well-being of their citizens, address complex business and policy questions and ensure the long-term sustainability of their public programs.

Scott DeBurgomaster, PhD, Analytical Consulting and Enterprise Solutions Manager, SAS

DeBurgomaster’s expertise includes working with health care data (claims and clinical), Medicaid Management Information System modules (DSS and MARS), whole-person care, social determinants and policy simulation. He has applied statistical modeling, analytics, database management, and data manipulation techniques to projects investigating fraud, waste and abuse in both the private and public health care space. He also has experience at the state and local level, working on projects dealing with determinants of health outcomes among at-risk populations.

Alyssa Farrell, Advisory Industry Marketing Manager, Health & Life Sciences Practice, SAS

Farrell leads industry marketing for the SAS Global Health and Life Sciences Practice. She focuses on the SAS solutions that help optimize health outcomes for individuals and their communities. She is actively engaged in analyst relations, market research and influencer marketing to stay on top of industry trends and align SAS capabilities to customer needs. Previously at SAS, she has supported the energy and public sector global teams. Prior to joining SAS in 2004, Farrell was a Senior Consultant in the Deloitte Public Sector practice.