On-Demand Webinar

Five Things Every Agriculture Executive Should Know About Analytics

Why do so many ag data projects crash and burn? In just 20 minutes, our expert explains – and offers advice on avoiding future fails.

About the webinar

Most agriculture data projects fail.

These failures waste budget, alienate customers and frustrate shareholders.

But team leaders who successfully harness internal data for competitive advantage tend to grow their divisions and their careers.

In this webinar, our in-house ag expert explores five notorious agriculture data science fails and how team leaders could have prevented each epic flop.

He’ll also share his top tips on identifying data, defining project scope, coaching interdisciplinary analytics teams, evaluating a project’s practicality and ensuring the project pays dividends.

What you'll learn:

  • Get an insider’s view of prominent agriculture data science failures to understand exactly what went wrong and why.
  • Gain new tools to evaluate, probe and challenge the direction of agriculture analytics projects, even if you’re not a data person.
  • Discover a framework to initiate, defend and successfully complete agriculture data projects.

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About the Expert

John Gottula, PhD
Director of Crop Science, Agriculture