Innovation is all in the approach.

We take big ideas that shape the future and make them bigger.

SAS doesn't settle for ordinary innovation. We put thought and research into ideas that matter – and then create analytics solutions that improve your business.

Tomorrow's technology, happening today.

Artificial Intelligence
AI applies machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and other technologies to bring learning and automation to machines.
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The Internet of Things
Everyday objects – from industrial machines to wearable devices – use built-in sensors to gather data and take action on it. SAS Analytics helps glean knowledge from that data for instant insights.
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A holistic approach for rapidly and iteratively moving models through the analytics life cycle so they are deployed faster and deliver expected business value.
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SAS Visual Analytics on SAS Viya showing visual data exploration

Beefutures & SAS

Beefutures uses visual analytics and machine learning to help protect and support healthy bee populations.

Lockheed Martin & SAS

Artificial intelligence and IoT analytics keep aircraft operational for crucial missions.

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