Operationalizing Analytics


Operationalizing Analytics

What it is, why it matters and how to get started

Every day you make decisions that affect your business. Because analytically driven decisions are better decisions, incorporating analytics into your decision-making processes enables you to make the best choices every time – even when making thousands or millions of them each day. But for that to happen, you must operationalize analytics in the decisioning process.

The problem is that while most organizations are able to build models, they have difficulty getting them into production. Analyst firms estimate that only 35% (IDC) to 50% (Gartner) of models are fully deployed. And SAS research discovered that 44% of models take more than seven months to deploy. It’s clear that not enough models are getting deployed, and those that are take too long.

In this e-book, we explore how to overcome difficulties related to data and operationalizing analytics, including:

  • The steps needed to build a solid data strategy to quickly operationalize analytics.
  • The importance of a data governance strategy.
  • How to deploy models faster to increase returns on analytics investments.