Formidable Forecasts


Formidable Forecasts

How AI Delivers Better, Faster Forecasts

Whether in times of sustained growth or extreme volatility, leaders attach enormous value to acquiring ever more accurate forecasts. And today – when virtually nothing seems certain – organizations need reliable forecasting more than ever.

With artificial intelligence capabilities and traditional forecasting processes, it’s possible to create efficiencies by automating the production of large-scale time-series analyses and hierarchical forecasts.

This e-book will cover key topics such as:

  • The future of forecasting.
  • Why AI?
  • Key forecasting considerations:
    • Accuracy.
    • Bias.
    • Algorithms.
  • Forecasting with rigor.
  • Making life easier for forecasting teams.
SAS forecasting has provided large-scale automation - a key element of AI - since the first release of SAS Forecast Server in 2005. SAS R&D has continued to build upon this legacy of technological leadership with SAS Visual Forecasting.