White Paper

Innovation: From data to business

Peer insights to help you navigate the journey to analytically driven innovation

Organizations across all industries use data and analytics to accelerate their dominance and set themselves apart as disruptive innovators. At least that’s the goal. So why do some succeed while others don’t? How can you successfully become innovation-centric using data and analytics?

In a recent study, we asked more than 100 business leaders how data and advanced analytics are transforming their innovation processes. Read the study to hear their answers and learn about:

  • Top innovation accelerators and inhibitors.
  • The importance of balancing culture, processes and technology.
  • Why deploying models rapidly and repeatedly is key to making better decisions.
  • The need to manage and evolve models so that they can be applied to new use cases.Report on findings from a global expert interview study on the topic of analytics driven innovation. Peer insights to help navigate the journey from data to innovation.