White Paper

The Next Analytics Age: Artificial Intelligence

A Harvard Business Review Insight Center Collection

What management and leadership challenges will the next wave of analytic technology bring? This SAS-sponsored Harvard Business Review Insight Center on HBR.org went beyond the buzz of what machine learning can do, to talk about how it will change companies and the way we manage them.

Articles include:

  • The Competitive Landscape for Machine Intelligence, by Shivon Zilis and James Cham

  • What a Visit to an AI-Enabled Hospital Might Look Like, by R “Ray” Wang

  • How Predictive AI Will Change Shopping, by Amit Sharma

  • How One Clothing Company Blends AI and Human Expertise, by H. James Wilson, Paul Daugherty, and Prashant Shukla

  • Bots That Can Talk Will Help Us Get More Value from Analytics, by Stuart Frankel

  • Prepare Your Workforce for the Automation Age, by Christoph Knoess, Ron Harbour, and Steve Scemama

  • Why You Shouldn’t Swear at Siri, by Michael Schrage