How to Maximize the Impact of your Analytics


How to Maximize the Impact of your Analytics

Research shows the strategic benefits from investments in an analytics platform.

The use of analytics continues to evolve. Most decision makers have bought into analytics at a strategic level and recognize that effective analytics could benefit their organizations, particularly by deploying cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT. However, the number of those effectively and strategically using analytics across the organization could be higher.

Implementing an analytics platform has shown great promise in growing the strategic value of analytics and in fostering innovation. These are just two findings from new research from SAS, which included in-depth interviews with professionals in 132 organizations and a global online survey. This e-book, based on the research results, delves into the biggest opportunities and remaining challenges.

Read this e-book to find out:

  • How organizations are preparing for the future with the strategic and innovative use of analytics.
  • What challenges organizations recognize on their way to fully deploy the potential of analytics.
  • How leading organizations benefit from an analytics platform and get out the most of their analytics investment.
  • How your organization compares to your peers.