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Storage Availability Solutions
Luis Javier Gomez
Calle 90 No. 19 A - 49 OF 702
Phone: +571 3002135

Description: Storage Availability Solutions is a Colombian company traditionally focused on delivering professional services in the areas of data storage and backup. We have built great customer relationships in the Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare and Utilities industries. We have supported customers in these sectors storing, backing up, archiving, and destroying their data. The new offering consists of supporting customers to make the most out of their data by getting, organizing, storing and analyzing their data to support their decision-making processes.
Industry: Health Care and Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Public Sector/Government
Services: System Integration, Data Migration, Data Quality, Data Synchronization, Database Interfacing, Software Maintenance, Hardware Maintenance, Computer Performance Evalutation and Capacity Plan, System Migration, Installation of SAS Software
SAS Products: Enterprise Miner, Enterprise Guide
Solutions: IT Service Level Management
Geography: Colombia
Language: Spanish, English
Operating System: Windows, MAC, Linux, UNIX, Sun Solaris SPARC