SAS & Oges

Oges™ Solutions, a leading software development company specializing in the exploration and production industry, offers the perfect software platform for the oil and gas sector – OgesOne™ powered by SAS® Analytics for IoT. The software is designed for exploration and production to use AI to integrate data sources, automate workflow and improve efficiency.

OgesOne is designed to meet the unique needs of oil and gas companies. It is a comprehensive solution that offers workflow automation, integration of data from multiple sources and the ability to develop custom apps. This innovative platform helps oil and gas companies streamline operations and make better-informed decisions, thanks to the powerful analytics capabilities of SAS Analytics for IoT.

Focus Area
AI, Analytics, Big Data, Streaming Analytics

IoT, AI, streaming analytics

Oil & Gas

Oges is the world’s largest knowledge market for the oil and gas industry.


About Oges Solutions

Oges Solutions is a leading software development company, with offices in India and Singapore, specializing in providing software solutions for the exploration and production industry. With a team of experienced developers and a commitment to using the latest digital technologies, including AI, the company is dedicated to helping its clients improve their efficiency and competitiveness.