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SAS & Zencos

Zencos and SAS work together to provide  Analytical Solutions  that solve complex problems for their clients. From discovering ways to prevent a pathogen outbreak to impeding financial crimes, we develop solutions that provide value and deliver what we promise.

Zencos consultants have decades of direct experience deploying SAS technologies, whether on-premise or in the cloud. We are experts at integrating best-of-breed technologies such as Python™ and R by taking advantage of the  SAS® Viya™  open source platform. Additionally, Zencos specializes in optimizing our clients SAS computing platforms through our  ZenGuard™  Managed service.

We believe in developing a strong customer partnership that focuses on providing  Actionable Analytics solutions specific to their needs. Because of this guiding principle, SAS and our customers trust Zencos and continue to use our services year after year.

In our complex digital world, finding the right consulting partner grows more challenging by the day.  Zencos is your trusted partner.

Focus Areas

  • SAS9 and Viya(including Viya 4)
  • Installation/Migration/Optimization on Azure or AWS or the SAS hosting environment
  • Custom solution development
  • Regulatory Fraud detection and investigation
  • Advanced Analytics, Digital Transformation
  • Validated and supported installations for Clinical Research Organization and Pharmaceutical clients


  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Insurance, Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Energy
  • Retail


  • Customer Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Validated Installs


Solutions to Help Combat Financial Crime
Zencos helps banks and other financial institutions  combat fraud, answer regulatory demands  and save on operational costs with expert consultants and cutting-edge technology. Zencos has implemented the complete SAS detection and investigation platform, the full SAS AML package and has their own SAS Powered AML as a service. Read more about  Zencos Financial Crimes.

Digital Transformation
Zencos has helped customers use SAS and open source technologies to automate and digitally transform their processes and culture resulting in large and immediate ROI as well as allowing growth in business without growth in expense. Discover more about Zencos digital transformation.

ZenGuard Managed Services for Analytics Platform support
ZenGuard provides cost-effective access to expert SAS support professionals for a fraction of the cost of hiring resources internally. Our service plans are available for either cloud or on-premise and flexible contract terms let you tailor your savings with the right plan. Read more about  Zencos ZenGuard.

Zencos 21 CFR Part 11 Validated Projects
Zencos has successfully completed multiple validated SAS installations and upgrades for our Clinical Research Organization and Pharmaceutical clients. Using a combination of our proven methodologies and 21 CFR Part 11 validation project document templates, we’ve consistently delivered such high quality that virtually all our clients end up being repeat business. Our proven methods and the consistently high quality of work from our employees guarantees our clients get the environment they need, and at a price competitive with anyone in the market.

AML as a Serivce
Zencos  has worked with SAS to augment their industry leading AML solution to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of investigators. The solution focuses on prioritizing high-value investigations and de-emphasizing low-value alerts that have a high probability of being false positives. It provides relevant behavioral and profile analysis for customers and external entities, and auto-population of regulatory reports for streamlined filing. The combined Zencos and SAS solution also  allows financial institutions to scale their BSA-AML processes for the future.

The solution is cloud-based and fully-managed. This  helps to  significantly reduce IT costs. The maintenance, hosting, tuning, and support of the tool is on us –  so you can sleep easy at night knowing the business is safe and secure. Read more about Zencos and SAS AML.


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About Zencos

Business intelligence solutions should deliver what they promise, and so should the consultants that develop them. This is the Zencos philosophy. And we've been delivering on that promise since 2001. With comprehensive services and industry expertise, Zencos delivers business intelligence to clients to help them succeed.​ zencos.com