SAS & Zencos

Zencos and SAS work together to provide Actionable Analytics to solve complex problems for our customers. From discovering ways to prevent a pathogen outbreak to impeding financial crimes, we develop solutions that provide value and deliver what they promise.

Our consultants have decades of direct experience employing SAS technologies and applying analytics to solve business problems. We are experts at integrating best-of-breed technologies such as Python™ and R by taking advantage of the SAS® Viya™ open source platform. Additionally, Zencos specializes in optimizing SAS computing platforms through our ZenGuard™ Managed service.

We believe in developing a strong customer partnership that focuses on providing Actionable Analytics based solutions specific to their needs. Because of this guiding principle, our customers trust Zencos and continue to use our services year after year.

In our complex digital world, finding the right consulting partner grows more challenging by the day. Zencos is that partner!

Focus Area




Solutions to Help Combat Financial Crime
Zencos helps banks and financial institutions combat fraud, answer regulatory demands and save on operational costs with expert consultants and cutting-edge technology. Read more at Zencos Financial Crimes.

ZenGuard Managed Services for SAS Platform support
ZenGuard provides cost-effective access to expert SAS support professionals for a fraction of the cost of hiring resources internally. Our flexible service plans and contract terms let you tailor your savings with the right plan – now that’s the way it should be. Read more at Zencos ZenGuard.


SAS® Influencer Series with Ray Wang

About Zencos

Business intelligence solutions should deliver what they promise, and so should the consultants that develop them. This is the Zencos philosophy. And we've been delivering on that promise since 2001. With comprehensive services and industry expertise, Zencos delivers business intelligence to clients to help them succeed.​ zencos.com

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