SAS & Munvo

Munvo has helped clients maximize their MarTech Investment since 2005 by delivering successful MarTech projects to enterprise clients across various industries – from retail, telco, travel and entertainment to financial services, banking and insurance. Our partnership with SAS is oriented around providing our clients with best-in-class customer intelligence capabilities through the implementation of SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 and SAS Customer Intelligence 6.x.

As a SAS Gold partner with the CI Specialization badge, we mobilize the latest MarTech capabilities around open data models, dynamic data collection, anonymous data capture, predictive forecasting models, content placement and digital asset management. At Munvo, we leverage our vast experience in enterprise marketing to implement these solutions and strategies for clients in North America and abroad.

Focus Area
Customer Intelligence

Analytics, Customer Engagement, Customer Intelligence, Data Modeling, Digital Marketing, Intelligent Decisioning, Marketing Automation and Personalization, Marketing Run Services, Marketing Transformation Road Map, Data Visualization

Banking and Investment, Insurance, Retail, Health and Pharma, Telco, High Tech and Manufacturing, Travel and Entertainment

Customer Intelligence


Responsive Mobile Marketing
Munvo’s SMS Gateway is a flexible software that facilitates dialogue between businesses and their customers through real-time, mobile messaging. With its capacity to form tree-like conversation paths and push lists of SMS numbers to a given short or long code, the SMS Gateway expands and enhances the mobile marketing channel for more direct and personalized communications. Learn more at

CI 360
Munvo offers marketing transformation services to help businesses modernize their marketing strategies and achieve customer-centricity and hyper-personalization. Munvo’s SAS CI 360 services range from marketing readiness assessment, a targeted transformation roadmap, infrastructure strategy and planning, data readiness, marketing process improvements, organizational change management, and more. We also specialize in digital analytics and insights, customer identity management, personalized customer journey strategy, activating additional channels in CI360, leveraging the power of real-time decisioning, marketing planning and reporting, and marketing operations and support.

Intelligent Decisioning for Marketing
Munvo specializes in helping businesses maximize their investment in intelligent decisioning. We understand that in today's fast-paced business environment, it's important to make quick decisions based on real-time data and model scoring. Munvo can help you to take full advantage of this by providing you the tools to find the next best action for your customers. Additionally, we can help you communicate consistently with customers across real-time and batch channels and leverage models across touchpoints without re-coding. We also understand the importance of having the right decisioning capacity and can help you with a scalable, highly available environment that fits your business needs.


About Munvo

Since 2005, Munvo has worked on over 300 marketing solution projects for Fortune 1000 companies across the globe. We are dedicated to the delivery and deployment of leading marketing solutions. Along with acting as a SAS® CI 360 and SAS® CI 6.x system integrator, we also develop add-ons and connectors for marketing solutions.​