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RedMane and SAS work together to create quality, innovative technology solutions that help solve your toughest, most complex problems. From unlocking data insights and preventing fraud abuse to helping companies develop best practices, we listen to our customers and provide the best analytics solutions for their individual needs. RedMane helps organizations from a variety of industries use analytics to improve service, reduce costs, and drive new revenue. Our experts help businesses collect, aggregate, visualize, predict, model, and manage their data to enable optimal results. Together with SAS, we are purpose-driven problem-solvers who enjoy finding answers to challenging problems. We truly care about helping individuals and businesses through innovative software solutions. If you’re looking for a solution company that will genuinely care about your organization and the people you serve, while helping your business grow even after a project is complete, then RedMane Technology is the partner for you.

Focus Area
Visualization, Data Management, Analytics

Visualization, Data Management, Analytics

Manufacturing, Insurance, Health Care and Life Sciences, Financial Services, Energy and Utilities


Case Studies

Getting the Right Analytics Solution
RedMane helps learning institutions measure, model, and increase student retention and graduation rates. Read more.

Using Analytics to Drive Business Growth
RedMane helps companies scale production processes and control costs without sacrificing quality. The keys to success are focusing on outcomes, collaborating with functional staff, and creating an innovative end-to-end solution. Read more.

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RedMane Technology

At RedMane, we are committed to our clients’ complete satisfaction with our services. We offer comprehensive business and technology services that solve your most complex problems. We sincerely care about our clients and the people they serve. Our thorough processes and people-centric approach results in the best possible solution, at the right investment, on the right schedule, with the right results for your organization. Our secret is that we listen first, instead of starting with technology. Then, with a thorough and strategic understanding of your unique business requirements, we provide our expertly designed software systems and applications to tackle your business challenges. Even after a project is complete, we stay involved with your business and support you, as your technology needs evolve. Above all, we are a problem-solving company with technology as our tool.