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Strong Tower Solutions Inc. specializes in solving data management and business analytics challenges. Our organization has over 30 years of analytics experience and advanced knowledge of industry solutions and technology trends. When developing solutions for clients, Strong Tower Solutions applies strong and proven information management principles to ensure client organizations can deliver sustainable, consistent business analytics over time.

Focus Area
Defendable regulatory compliance for data management and analytics environments.

Life Sciences



Hosted and Qualified SAS® Environments
If you are looking for a fast path to a SAS-hosted solution with defendable infrastructure for regulatory environments, Strong Tower Solutions can help. Working with our hosting partner to provide a full-service life sciences compliant community cloud, we have delivered dozens of SAS environments that satisfy the quality and regulatory requirements of our customers. We can offer complete coverage and customize a solution that meets your specific needs, including hosting any application that needs stringent qualification of its infrastructure.

Qualified (IQOQ) Configuration and Installation of SAS® Software
Strong Tower Solutions has performed over 100 qualified installations of SAS at all sizes of pharmaceutical and CRO organizations. For server-based SAS, we have built a fixed-price offering that delivers completed, customer-approved qualification documentation in a week per server. For the larger SAS deployments, mostly grids, we follow SAS Professional Services & Delivery processes. Our architects and engineers understand the complete technical stack, including operating systems, databases and other technologies that may need installation and configuring, as well as GxP and QA best practices. Strong Tower Solutions can perform this qualification work no matter where customers intend to build their infrastructure – in house, AWS/Azure/Google or our partner compliant community clouds.

Validation (PQ) for SAS® Software
Validation of solutions like SAS require our clients to show that the software works as they intend to use it. To help satisfy this requirement, Strong Tower Solutions offers validation templates and Time and Materials services to help customize these documents for the way clients intend to use SAS within their business and execute the performance qualification.

SAS® Version Control
In response to several customer requests, Strong Tower Solutions offers a comprehensive versioning solution for SAS code and data sets. The solution aids in tracking changes to better meet an organization’s internal change policies and meet regulatory requirements.

Managed Analytics Platform Support
Strong Tower Solutions offers cloud-based data science platforms for life sciences. These platform components, including data lakes, can be rapidly deployed in AWS or Azure. For existing SAS clients, Strong Tower Solutions has developed a framework with prebuilt bidirectional communication between SAS and a cloud-based data and processing environment. In addition, you can use R and Python to communicate across platforms. We provide these capabilities as a service, or we can assist an organization in setting it up, including training.

Administration and Ongoing Support
With almost 100 clients on our administration and ongoing support services, Strong Tower Solutions helps reduce overall SAS support costs and administrative response time by leveraging our highly experienced SAS experts as a managed service. Pricing models for this go from a set number of hours per month to unlimited trouble tickets per month for a fixed price.