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SAS & Pinnacle Solutions

The SAS suite of products ensures that your team, regardless of expertise level, can capitalize on your most precious asset – data. As a valued SAS partner, Pinnacle Solutions helps you leverage that investment for maximum value. Pinnacle's broad skill set and experience in life sciences, manufacturing, insurance, retail and communications – combined with our 20+ years of SAS expertise – gives you the biggest return on your investment in the fastest time possible.

Focus Area
Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Management, IoT, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Modeling

Analytics, Viya

Manufacturing, Health Care and Life Sciences, Education and Non Profit, All



Analytics, BI/Visualization & Data Management

Pinnacle helps clients analyze and interpret the growing amounts of data they collect and use. Services include business intelligence implementation, customized training and database development, project management, system design and statistical analysis.

Key focus areas for Pinnacle's partnership with SAS include manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, education and non profit, human resources, financial services, retail, public sector/government, pharmaceuticals, energy and utilities, manufacturing, media and entertainment, and insurance.

One example of this strong partnership is the development of applications based on SAS for clinical trials data analysis and reporting which helps companies bring drugs to market faster. Another example is the analysis of historical sales productivity data which led to new training initiatives at a mortgage company.

Pinnacle solutions that integrate with SAS from concept through implementation include Pinnacle Backpack™, Pinnacle Compass™, Pinnacle Binoculars™, Pinnacle Shelter™, and Pinnacle First Aid Kit™.

IoT Analytics

It’s time to make your IoT data work for you.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is much talked about and fast becoming a fixture in many industries. In a survey by McKinsey & Company, 98 percent of survey respondents reported that most companies within their industry include enterprise IoT initiatives in their strategic roadmaps, and 92 percent of survey respondents stated that IoT would have a positive impact over the next three years.

Yet, despite the obvious importance of IoT across industries, a significant portion of companies struggle with executing their IoT initiatives. A recent study by PWC revealed “more than six out of ten organizations have failed to take operational IoT initiatives past the proof-of-concept stage.”

Pinnacle Solutions’ analytics experts can empower you to create and sustain true value from diverse IoT data and initiatives. Whatever your IoT and analytics maturity level, we can help you gain real business value. We’ve helped our customers with their IoT initiatives using the SAS Platform to enable IoT use cases and support a journey toward tackling additional challenges using the same analytic foundation. Most of our customers also rely on us to provide the resources and analytic expertise to strategically navigate the IoT journey and prioritize which use cases can give them the fastest ROI.

Pinnacle Solutions can help companies at all stages of the IoT, whether that’s the beginning stages of planning or mid-implementation. We can provide you guidance on: how to approach an IoT journey, where to get started, how to alleviate barriers blocking your current IoT initiatives, and how to achieve the next level of sophistication with your current solutions and IoT initiatives. To learn more, you can visit our website or watch our 30 second video (coming soon).

Pinnacle First Aid Kit™

Pinnacle First Aid Kit™ is a remote SAS administration and consulting service. Pinnacle First Aid Kit™ provides long-term maintenance and support for your SAS and web applications. When you identify a wound, bug, or performance issue, you can rest easy, knowing your issue will be addressed by someone who understands your problem and how to solve it. Pinnacle First Aid Kit™ reduces your administration and maintenance costs and allows you to focus on what matters most. To learn more, you can visit our website, watch our 30 second video (coming soon), or download the solution brief.

Pinnacle Shelter™

Pinnacle Shelter™ combines the computing infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with our administration and maintenance expertise. The result is a turn-key cloud hosting and support service that allows you to eliminate costly hardware and the administrative challenges that go along with it. Pinnacle Solutions is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and our engineers are certified AWS Solution Architects, SAS Installers, and SAS Administrators. To learn more, you can visit our website, watch our 30 second video (coming soon), or download the solution brief..

Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor™

No-show patients are named by healthcare professionals as one of the biggest challenges for the healthcare industry. No-show patients cost time, money, and can cause operational bottlenecks that decrease patient satisfaction and care. Healthcare providers have tried several methods to address this patient no-show problem, but there is still a significant gap and opportunity to address patient no-shows.

That’s where the Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor™ solution comes in.

The Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor™ is an advanced predictive analytics solution that determines the likelihood of a patient missing their appointment. Based on this prediction, administrative staff can take additional corrective actions through modification of existing patient reminder protocols and statistically based strategies for same-day scheduling.

Your no-show problem isn’t going away. With the Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor™, you can discover, predict, and act to reduce the impact and rate of patient no-shows.

Can your practice afford not to?

To learn more, you can watch our 30 second video (coming soon) or visit our website.


Solution Briefs

Pinnacle First Aid Kit™ (remote SAS administration and consulting services)

Pinnacle Shelter™ (SAS hosting services)

Case Studies

Unlocking the Business Value of IoT with Analytics
Pinnacle Solutions helps companies plan and implement IoT Analytics solutions that result in real business value and process improvement. Read more.

Using Analytics to Address Patient No-Show Challenges
Pinnacle Solutions empowers healthcare providers address one of their biggest and long standing challenges: patient no-shows. See the power of predictive analytics. Read more.

Getting a Quick, Clear, and Actionable View of Student Data
Pinnacle Solutions assists higher education institutions turn data into insight that they can use to take action to improve student performance. Read more.

Building an Exceptional Interactive User Experience for Data Access
Pinnacle Solutions helps airline companies leverage their high quality data by designing a cost-effective, modern, easy-to-use web reporting tool. Read more.

Alliance Overview

Pinnacle Solutions and SAS

Case Studies

Establishing a Solid Data Integration Strategy for Advanced Analytics
Pinnacle Solutions enables insurance companies to establish a strong data integration strategy for advanced analytics and predictive modeling with our road-mapping service. Read more.

Optimizing Staffing Across Store Locations Using Analytics
Pinnacle Solutions assists retailers in addressing under- and over-staffing using the power of demand planning analytics. Read more.

Modernizing Legacy Systems to a Centralized, Integrated FDA-Compliant Solution
Pinnacle Solutions transforms legacy systems to modernized, centralized, FDA-Compliant solutions for healthcare product manufacturers, enabling them to easily manage, analyze, and report the calibration data for new products. Read more.

About Pinnacle Solutions

As the amount of data continues to grow rapidly within organizations, figuring out what to do with large data volumes can become an increasing struggle. Pinnacle helps people face the challenge of converting data into structured information that supports effective decision-making. We combine SAS' analytical system with our own industry and statistical analysis expertise to provide a complete solution offering for our clients.